"My relationship with Susan has been a life-changer. She is super savvy and has a really grounded knowledge of the crypto space. She took my hand and led me through that once unchartered territory of investing and guided me towards investments that have been financial game-changers.  


I feel one of the greatest shifts for me since my mentorship with Susan has been in my money mindset, I have moved from being a spender, to a wealth creator. I used to be almost afraid of dealing with larger sums of money, and Susan has helped initiate me into this exciting new world, where I am now able to have enough money to manifest my dreams. Since working with Susan within six months I have bought my first home and I am manifesting dreams I have been gestating for twenty years! 

I would highly recommend working with Susan if you are looking to upgrade your life and move in the direction of your dreams." 

Leyolah Antara ~ Director 


"I have known Susan for over a decade. She is one of the most talented and helpful people I have ever met. Susan is a person with great foresight, who can manifest just about anything this world needs.


Susan's amazing positivity is as delightful as it is infectious. She is an asset to any team and is most often the driving force needed for success. Susan operates with maximum integrity and comes highly recommended."

John Hale ~ Keynote Speaker, Author and Mentor


“Susan has devoted her life to inspiring and pioneering the path for women of the world to achieve financial literacy and independence in the booming world of blockchain, bitcoin and all things cryptocurrency that matter to YOU! I've been a witness on this audacious journey and her commitment to helping people just like you is undeniable.”

Stacy N Henderson ~ Lifestyle & Business Coach



“I got to know Susan during the lock down. We met for the first time in panel discussions in online summits about making money and investing.

With some people you have this click… And there it was the click… I trust her, her judgement, her insights, her ideas. She has this open personality. I became her student and entered the magic world of cryptos step by step.

Susan is a highly committed, spiritual, warm and humorous person. I like and trust her”


Ingrid Vercammen  Founder of Women Beyond Ordinary 


“Investing my hard-earned cash into cryptocurrency territory was a scary and confusing move for me, but thanks to Susan, it was easy. She explained the complex concepts, risks to consider and associated processes in a simple to understand manner. Because of her and her fabulous book, I now have the confidence to work with cryptos”.

Michaela Kupcakova ~ Instructional Designer