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Our Mission is to educate 1million women to learn about, invest and participate in the most innovative wealth creation opportunities of our times; to then fund projects around the globe to lift women, and their communities out of poverty, and to make a positive impact on addressing gender inequality, in all its forms.

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My relationship with Susan has been a lifechanger.  She is super savvy and has a really grounded knowledge of the crypto space. She took my hand and led me through that once unchartered territory of investing and guided me towards investments that have been financial game changers.  


I feel one of the greatest shifts for me since my mentorship with Susan has been in my money mindset, I have moved from being a spender, to a wealth creator. I used to be almost afraid of dealing with larger sums of money, and Susan has helped initiate me into this exciting new world, where I am now able to have enough money to manifest my dreams. Since working with Susan within six months I have bought my first home and am manifesting dreams I have been gestating for twenty years! 


I would highly recommend working with Susan if you are looking to upgrade your life and move in the direction of your dreams. 


Leyolah Antara - Director - Byron Bay, NSW

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