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Hello and welcome to Crypto Women Global. We are an ever-growing community dedicated to empowering women to create independent wealth & freedom in the crypto space.

We are generous, compassionate and socially conscious-minded women who want to help and lift each other up to achieve our goals as a team.

Our motto is: "If you want to fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together"


Our Mission is to educate 1million women to learn about, invest and participate in the most innovative wealth creation opportunity of our times; crypto currencies. To lift women, and their communities out of poverty, and to make a positive impact on addressing gender and other inequalities.




Susan Banhegyi

Our founder and Serial entrepreneur Susan Banhegyi has been responsible for several award-winning start ups in cryptocurrency investing, propertydevelopment, as well as sustainable design, Constantly striving to offer a truly meaningful propositions for her discerning international clientele. Susan’s many and varied ventures have afforded her to create a life where she has been free to explore in meaningful ways, cultures from around the world, which have had a major influence on her outlook on many social issues, and have taught her to evaluate how the truly important areas of the Human experience compose the textures of life itself. This road has led Susan to be most highly motivated to involve herself in Social Impact projects where her drive to make a better world possible, can contribute.“Because the ‘New Money’ systems are being built NOW, and women’s voices are missing from the conversation; our goal is to fund women’s projects to help lift all women out of poverty!”



We’re thrilled to announce that we are taking Expressions of Interest for our upcoming BETA release of the 'CASH IN ON CRYPTO' online course, which will be launched in the next few weeks!

Spaces are limited to only 10 women for this inaugural launch ... so please book quickly

If you’d like to be in on the first round, then please register for a 15 minute discovery call below.

Download our Free introductory e-book now:

6 Easy Steps To Passive Income

Better financial literacy is something that we should all be striving to improve these days, with the global economies turning topsy turvy, seemingly everywhere.


People could be so much more empowered if they learned a few tips on how to have better control of their financial status.

To this end, I've put together a few simple steps to get you started on thinking differently about finances in general, and also how you could diversify your own finances.


Our Founder Susan Banhegyi's New No. 1 Amazon Top Seller Book on Sale Now:


Create and Grow Your Own Damn Wealth

My Romance with Crypto

"Susan’s book got one of the HIGHEST  sales/downloads, and was even at ‘Top 20’ across the whole global Kindle Store with millions of books competing, including the likes of Bill Gates, Julia Gillard and Diane Von Furstenberg’s books, as well as other well known trading books."


Have you ever heard of, or been curious about 'Bitcoin'? 

Have you found financial stresses are building in your life? 

Does it seem too techie and overwhelming?

This is my personal journey from where you are now to enjoying passive incomes.
How I overcame my doubts and fears and now teach women to do the same.
How I fell in love with crypto, both for the investment opportunities, and for the positive impact it can effect, to individual women's lives, and whole societies too.

You will learn about why bitcoin & crypto are so relevant in these turbulent times.
You will learn how I set up my own foundations and built my portfolio.
You will learn how I created wealth streams that can help to secure your future too.

Women In Crypto” is the informational book for women who truly desire to step into their power and improve their financial situation by learning about some of the most innovative wealth creation opportunities of our times.



"My relationship with Susan has been a life-changer. She is super savvy and has a really grounded knowledge of the crypto space. She took my hand and led me through that once uncharted territory of investing and guided me towards investments that have been financial game-changers. 


I feel one of the greatest shifts for me since my mentorship with Susan has been in my money mindset, I have moved from being a spender, to a wealth creator. I used to be almost afraid of dealing with larger sums of money, and Susan has helped initiate me into this exciting new world, where I am now able to have enough money to manifest my dreams. Since working with Susan within six months I have bought my first home and I am manifesting dreams I have been gestating for twenty years!


I would highly recommend working with Susan if you are looking to upgrade your life and move in the direction of your dreams." 


Leyolah Antara



John Hale

Author and Mentor 

"I have known Susan for over a decade. She is one of the most talented and helpful people I have ever met. Susan is a person with great foresight, who can manifest just about anything this world needs. 


Susan's amazing positivity is as delightful as it is infectious. She is an asset to any team and is most often the driving force needed for success. Susan operates with maximum integrity and comes highly recommended." 

“Susan has devoted her life to inspiring and pioneering the path for women of the world to achieve financial literacy and independence in the booming world of blockchain, bitcoin and all things cryptocurrency that matter to YOU! 


I've been a witness on this audacious journey and her commitment to helping people just like you is undeniable.”


Stacy N Henderson

Lifestyle & Business Coach


Nina Knox

Co Founder of Tokenplace
Harvard Business School

“Wow, what a gem! And a gift that will keep on giving for you, your loved ones and generations to come!

I was lucky to get a personalized signed copy from Susan and enjoyed every single line. I finished the book in one breath! I couldn’t put it down...

Think beyond genders... this is inclusive, moving and empowering on so many levels!
It will resonate with all, especially if you are curious about crypto and don’t know where to start your journey, and it will resonate even more with some of us who have been in the crypto space for years and obsessed with bitcoin.

To me, this is “personal”

Highly highly recommend!”

“Investing my hard-earned cash into cryptocurrency territory was a scary and confusing move for me, but thanks to Susan, it was easy. 


She explained the complex concepts, risks to consider and associated processes in a simple to understand manner. Because of her and her fabulous book, I now have the confidence to work with cryptos”. 


Michaela Kupcakova Instructional Designer


Ingrid Vercammen

Founder of Women Beyond Ordinary 

“I got to know Susan during the lock down. We met for the first time in panel discussions in online summits about making money and investing.


With some people you have this click… And there it was the click… I trust her, her judgement, her insights, her ideas. She has this open personality. I became her student and entered the magic world of cryptos step by step.


Susan is a highly committed, spiritual, warm and humorous person. I like and trust her”


Any questions and for Expression of Interest, please click icon below to get to form.

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